Butte CPR's workshops are usually combinations of informative lectures and hands-on work sessions. Programs are offered when possible, sometimes more than once a year. Check the Events page for upcoming workshops.


This hands-on workshop is offered annually to introduce people to the repair and maintenance of historic brick.

The brick in historic buildings in Butte is called common brick, and is softer than modern brick. For that reason, repair and maintenance of the brick requires different materials than that normally sold as pre-mixed products. This workshop covers the evaluation of brickwork, tools, materials, and techniques for brick repair and repointing.

Also available is our Brick Repair Brochure.


This workshop explains how hot water heat systems work, and how to deal with problems such as knocking radiators.

other topics

If you have expertise in a relevant area and would like to volunteer to lead a workshop, contact us at info@buttecpr.org.