Butte Citizens for Preservation and Revitalization

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Dust to Dazzle

Butte Citizens for Preservation and Revitalization Inc. presents the Dust to Dazzle Renovation Home Tours to showcase recent and progressing projects in historic Butte. Tours provide an opportunity to view structures in varying stages of renovation. There is usually a charge for the D2D tours.

An image from one of our Dust to Dazzle tours

Owners are present to explain their renovation process, problems encountered, and motivations. Butte CPR volunteers serve as guides, providing additional information. A short history of each building and its National Register significance will be available as well.

The tours are sponsored in part by area vendors whose products and services are used in the projects; they aer on hand to speak with tour attendees and offer assistance in explaining their products and services. In addition state and local historic preservation organizations are often represented, including representatives of the BSB Historic Preservation Commission, to answer questions about the new Historic Preservation Ordinance and associated guidelines and tax incentives.

Proceeds benefit Butte CPR's many projects, most notably its Historic Improvement Project fund, which has provided awards of more than $20,000 to property owners for improvements. While the funds raised will be a welcome assist, the principal reasons for the tour are to inspire people to purchase and restore historic buildings in Butte (now, together with Anaconda, the nation's largest National Historic Landmark District), to show what great results can be achieved while bringing an historic building back from the brink, and to meet the varied and wonderful people who enjoy doing it. We hope that tour attendees and volunteers will find a new neighbor!

Advance tickets are usually available; check the calendar for dates and locations.

Please e-mail CPR or call 490-3216 for more info and/or to Volunteer!

Stained Glass Tours

A Butte, Montana stained glass tour from Butte CPR

CPR's stained glass tours have ranged from self-guided voluntarily-lit walking tours to guided tours of specific churches. For 2008, a trolley ride focused on Butte's literary and art history, visiting homes of writers and painters as well as two historic churches. In 2006, thanks to a grant from the Montana Cultural Trust, we prepared a full-color 56-page booklet on stained glass in 10 historic places of worship in Uptown Butte (still available). Please check the calendar current plans.

To help with this tour series, come to a meeting or let us know you'd like to help on the planning committee.

Historic Homes Tours

At present CPR is not offering these tours - they've largely been replaced by the Christmastime tours sponsored by the Butte Symphony Orchestra.