Butte Citizens for Preservation and Revitalization

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Great example of re-used flooring.
Great example of re-used flooring.
South Jackson Street in Butte. Photo from Kathy Carlson.

Butte CPR has salvage sales at different times of the year in different areas (often multiple locations on one day). Check the calendar for the current schedule and locations. Many locations are one-time only.

Remember, many items are one-of-a-kind or limited in quantity. Photos here are only representative.

Exciting Salvage Items

Clay parapet tiles - just part of the salvage Butte CPR has collected and sold

May 2012: about 125 clay parapet tiles, each 2 feet long, and about 9 inches wide (inside) - see photo. Taken from building with brick parapet, but use your imagination about how they might be reused.

Dec. 2011: CPR has 100+ windows salvaged from the School Administration Building. These windows are in good condition, have the float glass with flaws, intact hardware, and only painted on one side. Windows from the old school administration building. Most are probably about 3 to 4 feet long and about 3 feet wide. These photos show respresentative samples.

More windows from the old school administration building.

If you have salvage to donate, or want to make an appointment to check out what we have to sell, please call Mike Hogan at groundhogan@msn.com or call 782-2093; leave a message.

Donations Wanted

A reclaimed sink

Butte CPR will gladly take donations of architectural or "old building" items. We hope to redirect historic building materials that would otherwise end up in the trash to repairing structures in Butte. Although the best use of historic building material is the building it originally adorned, sometimes material comes available.

Sale of architectural items and building materials has been a major source of funds for Butte CPR activities, including our Historic Improvement Project Grants. Volunteers of the organization will gladly pickup, store, and make available for sale such items as:

Building material:
  • Trim, moldings, baseboards, beadboard, wood flooring (oak, maple, fir), wainscoting, paneling, etc.
  • Porch columns, gingerbread trim pieces
  • Doors, door casings, transom windows, windows, etc.
  • Door and window hardware
Plumbing fixtures (in good to excellent condition):
  • Bathtubs, sinks, toilets (old style and complete)
  • Historic plumbing hardware
  • Radiators
Miscellaneous hardware
  • iron fencing, decorative pieces, etc.

Items for Sale

Salvage radiators come in all sizes Radiator salvaged by Butte CPR

Butte CPR has a variety of salvaged building materials available for sale. If you are interested in more information, seeing, or buying any of the items, please contact Mike Hogan at groundhogan@msn.com or call 782-2093.

Our inventory is constantly in flux. The following inventory is typical, and selected photos are shown on this page:

(interior unless otherwise noted; all are solid wood, many have some or all hardware): Prices range from $10-$40, depending on condition:
  • 5-panel, vertical, raised, 5-panel, horizontal, 2-panel, vertical glass exterior, 4-panel, miscellaneous doors include very wide (42") 1-panel oak.
Douglas fir, approx 100 sq. ft.; maple, approx. 20 sq. ft.
transom; multi-pane, many double-hung 1 over 1; other miscellaneous, many useful for glass replacements.
Plumbing Fixtures:
two-piece, old-style toilets; cast-iron, enameled sinks; lavatory sinks 20" x 16".
various sizes, some hot water, some for steam.
School desks; trundle beds; newel posts.
Different sinks are often available in Butte CPR slavage sales
Some radiators sold at Butte CPR sales have been refinished
A variety of sinks are often available

Doors available for sale at one of Butte CPR's salvage sales.
Siding, flooring, paneling, trim, and other pieces of wood are salvaged when a building has to be demolished so they can be reused in the maintenance of other buildings.
Windows and doors are almost always available