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SARTA Central Butte Historic Improvement Project (HIP)

A historic house in uptown Butte, MT

In 2016, Butte CPR was the recipient of a $20,000 SARTA grant for the purpose of Historic Preservation in Butte. SARTA stands for Superfund Advisory & Redevelopment Trust Authority. SARTA is charged with administration of Redevelopment Trust Funds, which are provided to the people of Butte through a negotiated settlement between Butte-Silver Bow and the Atlantic Richfield Company.

Butte CPR is targeting our SARTA grant to historic improvement in the Emma Park Neighborhood Neighborhood in Central Butte. Central Butte was at the center of much Butte's development from the time gold was discovered along Silver Bow Creek in 1864. As gold placer mining played out, miners staked claims on Butte Hill. By the 1870s, silver was the main objective. By the 1880s copper mining was on the rise, and by 1917, approximately 150 mines were located in and near Butte. Subsequent to the closing of the underground mines, Central Butte experienced years of down-turn, when businesses and residents left, and many buildings were vacated or torn down.

Low income and poverty is a major issue for the area. Central Butte currently has some dilapidated buildings and areas of vacant lots between existing uses. But the local community is positive. As stated in the 2010 Central Butte Plan developed by the local community, "Central Butte is in the unique position of being part of the largest National Historic Landmark District in the nation, a reflection of its unique and diverse historical character dating back to the 19th Century and roots in ore mining. It has resulted in a character that elevates it among other towns in the Rocky Mountain West, and a national reputation that Butte is using to rebuild itself." Historic preservation is a keystone of all of the goals put forth in the Central Butte Plan.

Butte CPR's Central Butte Historic Improvement Program grant project is a multi-year project that will target multiple high priority housing repair needs. To begin this new initiative, the project will focus on the Emma Park Neighborhood.

We will target owner/occupants willing to take advantage of this funding opportunity to improve building exteriors. We are working closely with the Emma Park Neighborhood Task Force and Action, Inc, formerly the Human Resource Council XII, to identify target properties and leverage existing aid programs.

Our project marries historic preservation with community enrichment by selecting historic homes with critical repair needs in a culturally rich but disadvantaged area of Butte.

In keeping with the stated focus of SARTA's Historic Preservation category, the program insures historically-appropriate repairs and renovations. This bricks-and-mortar project will benefit the Emma Park Neighborhood, Central Butte, and the entire Butte community by redeveloping existing historic building stock and creating a significant physical and aesthetic improvement.

Typical projects will include painting facades, brick repointing, repair of original architectural features (such as cornices or porch posts and rails), and on occasion repair or replacement of historically appropriate windows.

In addition to those improvements, Butte CPR will fund a small number of new roofs. We intend to set aside about half of the grant dollars for aid in installation of new roofs because the need is so great in this neighborhood. If roofs are not repaired soon, the loss of historic fabric in the neighborhood may be catastrophic as homes are irreparably water damaged and abandoned.

We require some commitment from the property owner, in the form of matching funds or labor. Even when an owner's financial commitment is but a fraction of the total cost, we find that his/her attachment to the work and workmanship is remarkable. The aim is to foster an appreciation for historic buildings and their preservation while improving neighborhoods one place at a time.

In addition, Butte CPR will utilize our volunteer force to offer at each awarded residence - yard clean-up, including waste removal, general tree and bush pruning, and minor planting of new vegetation. This effort will further enhance the contribution of building improvements to the neighborhood. Our intended outcome is to have Emma Park Neighborhood look better, feel better, and have increased pride of building ownership.

The Central Butte HIP will have a unique place in hands-on historic preservation and building improvement in Butte. It is the only program that awards funds to improve residential properties that are not income-generating

For more information on the SARTA Central Butte HIP please contact: Bruce Cole @ 406.600.1885 or email bruce.cole@proforma.com

Historic Improvement Project (HIP) - Grant Guidelines

A historic house in uptown Butte, MT

One of Butte's greatest treasures is its historic structures, large and small. Butte Citizens for Preservation and Revitalization, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of historic buildings in Butte, has set aside a portion of its revenue for grants to eligible applicants for facade improvements. The goal of the Historic Improvement Program of Butte CPR is to preserve and promote the structural integrity and historic character of exterior architecture of historic buildings in Butte. Butte CPR defines historic buildings as structures built during or before 1950.

Since 1997, Butte Citizens for Preservation and Revitalization has supported 82 grant applications for a total of over $50,000. That funding leveraged over $250,000 in local labor and material purchases. All of these funds are generated by donations and other CPR programs. None of the money is from government grants or agencies. Specific sponsorship by the Butte Board of Realtors at $500 per year for 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 and by U.S. Bank Community Foundation for $1000 in 2008 and 2010, the Butte-Silver Bow Community Foundation for $500 for 2010, and more than $4600 from the Vernacular Architecture Forum in 2010 is gratefully acknowledged.

Previous Awardees

The award committee designates one or more grant(s) per year to be awarded to either residential or commercial applicants who meet the appropriate criteria. To be considered appropriate for an award, improvements must be compatible with the historic character of the building and must be visible from the streetscape.

The deadline for 2018 grant applications is Friday, April 20th, 2018. Please dowlownload the HIP Grant Guidelines and Application here. HIP Grant Guidelines and Application

Download examples of projects that were funded (note that these PDFs are black & white - projects involving color need to include color chips): Download Example 1, Download Example 2

  1. architectural detail Eligible activities include:
    1. exterior painting, historic masonry and stucco re-pointing, cleaning, and repair.
    2. replacement or repair of original architectural features (e.g. cornices).
    3. other improvements to windows, awnings and doors.
  2. Architectural detail in Butte, MT Ineligible activities include:
    1. interior renovations
    2. routine roof and chimney repair, unless they are major design elements
    3. vinyl or aluminum siding over existing repairable wood siding
    4. substantial reconstruction of structural elements
    5. interior plumbing and electrical work
    6. projects which fail to meet all the HIP grant requirements
  3. Architectural detail in Butte, MT If applicants do not own the building, written permission from the owner is required.
  4. Approval of the application by the committee is contingent upon approval of the plans and specifications, based on the improvement of the historical value of the structure. Applications will be reviewed by committee within 30 days of the application deadline. If approved, the applicant is eligible to be considered for a grant. Grant amounts typically range between $300 and $2,000.
    This is a competitive grant process. Available funds do not generally allow funding of all proposals.
  5. architectural detail Project estimates will be reviewed to establish a grant figure. All or portions of the grant may be used. Butte CPR will not reimburse for items not covered in the project proposal or any work that is in excess of the grant award.
  6. Grant funds will be paid by reimbursement of receipts for materials (paint, bricks, wood, stucco, plaster, cement, etc.) or services. Grantees must submit receipts to Butte CPR after the material has been applied or installed. A project must be completed for reimbursement. After checking that the receipted material has been applied or installed according to the grantee's plan, CPR will issue a check for the amount of the receipt(s).
  7. Architectural detail in Butte, MT Grant recipients will agree to display in a visible location and while the facade project is in progress, a sign indicating financial assistance from Butte CPR. Recipients will also allow Butte CPR to display before and after photographs of the project for educational or promotional purposes.
  8. Grant recipients can apply for up to $2,000 per property address in facade work from CPR in a five-year period.
  9. All projects must be completed within eighteen (18) months of award of the grant. Any grant funds not spent within 18 months of award will be forfeited by grantee. A grant extension can be requested for extenuating circumstances. To do so, you must make a request in writing within the 18 months.
  10. Architectural detail in Butte, MT Recipients of awards who significantly change a design, color scheme, etc. from the original application must submit the change(s) to CPR before beginning the project in order to maintain eligibility for the award.
  11. All grant monies of any amount are considered income by the IRS, and CPR is required to file 1099-MISC forms for any award of $600.00 or greater. Awards that equal or exceed $600.00 will require submission of an appropriate identification number (for example SSN or EIN whichever is applicable) before the reimbursement can be paid.


The selection committee will give preference to applications which meet grant guidelines and those that improve the historic nature according to the following criteria:

Application Instructions

Grant awards are contingent upon approval of project design by the HIP Committee and the Butte CPR Board of Directors. The applicant is responsible for having a complete application and required documentation. In all cases, the applicant shall submit a presentation that informs the committee and the Butte CPR Board members of all aspects of the design intent, implementation and construction. Applications become the property of Butte CPR and will not be returned. If you have any questions, e-mail or write to Butte CPR (P.O. Box 164, Butte, MT 59703) and ask about the Historic Improvement Program grant.

Completed applications should be submitted by mail to Butte CPR, P.O. Box 164, Butte, MT 59701. Contact Larry Smith @ uptownlarry.smith@gmail.com with questions

Application Requirements

DEADLINE: Friday, April 20th, 2018

The applicant shall prepare design documents that fully explain the design, intent, implementation and construction of the proposed project. Please see above for the Guidelines and Application.a>