Butte Citizens for Preservation and Revitalization

P.O. Box 164, Butte, MT 59703

What We've Saved

Butte CPR has saved many structures since 1994. Here is some information about a few.

Mary MacLane House

Mary MacLane House

In 1998, CPR volunteers put a temporary roof on the Mary MacLane home at 417/419 North Excelsior - one in a series of CPR efforts to protect this important historic residence, the home of Butte's most famous and controversial writer. The building was painted with CPR volunteer help, and was also a HIP Grant awardee.

The Dumas Brothel

CPR volunteers in January 2007 did significant work on the roof in a stop-gap to help prevent further water damage to the interior and between the walls.

This has become CPR's biggest project in terms of cost: the stabilization of the Dumas. Read more...

The O'Rourke

The historic O'Rourke building has been a major focus of Butte CPR for some time. Read more...

The Acoma

The Acoma

Butte CPR members saved the historic Acoma Building at Broadway and Wyoming Streets from demolition. Today it is the home of a thriving restaurant.