Butte Citizens for Preservation and Revitalization

P.O. Box 164, Butte, MT 59703

Officers & Board


President, Larry Smith; Vice President, Bruce Cole; Secretary, Mitzi Rossillon; Treasurer, Bill Tiskus.

Officers serve until they resign or are removed.

Board of Directors

Bruce Cole, Robert Renouard, Mitzi Rossillon, Douglas Shidler, Larry Smith, Bill Tiskus and Jason Silvernale.

7 Board members, majority/quorum is four. Board terms are 1 year. Elected 2015

Other Offices

Administrative Coordinator, Lee Whitney; Webmaster, Bruce Cole.


Historic Improvement Project Grant Committee: Bruce Cole, Bill Tiskus, Larry Smith, Robert Renouard

Salvage: Mike Hogan (groundhogan@msn.com)

Dust to Dazzle Tour: Bruce Cole, Jason Silvernale, Janice Hogan, Anna Docktor, Bill Tiskus, and Kathy Carlson

Organizational Governance Documents