Butte Citizens for Preservation and Revitalization

P.O. Box 164, Butte, MT 59703
Detail fo the cornice on the Dumas Brothel

BSB Historic Preservation Commission

The Butte-Silver Bow County Historic Preservation Commission is a 7-member panel appointed by the Chief Executive to three-year terms and confirmed by the Council of Commissioners. The mandates of the HPC are laid out in the city's historic preservation ordinance, and include review of all demolition permits for historic properties anywhere in the county except Walkerville, design review for properties listed on the Local Register anywhere in the county, and design review for properties receiving local funds or tax credits.

Regular monthly meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers on the third floor of the courthouse, 155 W. Granite St. As needed, meetings for specific review processes are held on the third Tuesday at the same time and place. All of the HPC's meetings are open to the public.

Steve Hinick is the chairperson of the HPC. Contact Person: Mary McCormick, Historic Preservation Officer, 155 W. Granite St., Butte, Montana 59701 - (406) 497-6258.


  • Steve Hinick, Chairman
  • John Weitzel
  • Bobbi Stauffer
  • Russell O'Leary
  • Butch Gerbrandt
  • Mitzi Rossillon
  • Jennifer Peterson

The ordinance calls for three members with professional expertise in the disciplines of history, planning, archaeology, architecture, architectural history, historic archaeology or other historic preservation related disciplines such as cultural geography or cultural anthropology to the extent that such professional expertise is available in the community, and four members, among whom may be a local owner of property within the National Historic Landmark District and a realtor licensed in the State of Montana.

The duties of the HPC, mandated by the historic preservation ordinance, include surveys and inventories of historic properties, creation of guidelines for Local Register property, designing procedures for demolition requests and demolition by neglect, tax abatement provisions, unreasonable hardship provisions, public education programs, and provide technical guideance to the departments of the city-county.