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Historic Stained Glass in Selected Houses of Worship, Butte, Montana
by Richard Gibson and Irene Scheidecker
56 pages, 53 full-color photos of stained glass and structures.

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Or from CPR: $7.00 mailed - make check payable to Butte CPR and send to P.O. Box 164, Butte, MT 59703.
Created for the 2006 Stained Glass Tour, this booklet documents both stained glass and Butte's cultural history. Publication of the booklet was supported in part by grants from the Montana Cultural Trust and Butte's Urban Revitalization Agency, assistance that is greatly appreciated.

ERRATA: The window on page 4 is at St. John's Episcopal, not St. Mark's Lutheran; on page 35, "H.U. Club" refers to "Higher Up Club" rather than Hope Union. On page 42, Pope Leo XIII's birth year should be 1878.

Co-authors Gibson and Scheidecker are available to give a presentation, Through a Glass Brightly: Vignettes of Butte History through Stained Glass, based on the book above. Contact us to arrange for a speaker.

Vernacular Architecture Forum (Butte, 2009) Guidebook

Available for download as PDFs or 250-page print copy available from CPR @ $20 (picked up) or $27 (mailed) - checks payable to Butte CPR.

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